First blog post

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Thank you for coming to my blog, here I will be posting articles and ideas that are close to my heart. Hopefully you enjoy and learn!!!


New Direction

Today I decided to reorganize my blogging and I have already added a new blog, nqabd.blogspot.com. I will still be blogging here, and at ABVM and on Tumblr. I am trying as hard as I can not to give up on Tumblr as it seems to be turning into “Facebook 102” and not a serious place to blog. I am also seeing opportunities to write articles for other bloggers in a freelance/contractor role. In the next month I will be creating a brand new site offer these services, as well as branding and website creation. Thank you for your attention and have a wonderful day!!!-AD

What A Scam

For the longest time now, I have been using a service called Thumbtack. The best way to describe it, is to say it is like Uber for IT. At the lowest level, it is a database that connects IT Professionals with individuals and businesses. Thumbtack provides 3 ways for the pros to receive notification that there is work available: text message, email and an app/website. The pro pays a small fee for the referral and recoups the money when they charge the client. Recently they introduced a new feature called “Pro Assist.” The way I understand it to work, the pro allots a small amount of money to expedite this process. In the 2 weeks that I have been using this feature I have been charged almost $17 USD and I have not made one single dime. To make matters worse, I currently have a “client” who I am sure is running a scam, texting and calling me. Early today I tried to turn this feature off but there is no straightforward way to do so, so I changed my allotment to $1. While this service could be lucrative, it has definitely not worked for me. I would love to be able to get my money back but I am doubtful that it will ever happen. And on that not I want to end this post by asking everyone who reads this to please head over to www.acesbizarre.com and support the cause. I have completely revamped the site and I now have a sign up form for my email list where you can receive exclusive deals from and great brands.

The New acesbizarre.com!!!

I have completely revamped the site and have decided to switch to WordPress because it was far too much work using html. This has been quite and experience. Setting up WordPress is not easier than coding. Hopefully, the site maintenance will be easier. I would like to be able to blog everyday and it not take so much time updating the site. I will still blog on acetechnologyblog and Tumblr. I am also expanding the business to include remote web design and consultation.

So Now What

I am going to try to keep this short and sweet. So what happened in Charlottesville, VA yesterday is not a surprise and it is going to happen again. See, I was sitting on the couch yesterday afternoon and evening watching the situation unfold and listening to the people who are suppose to be leading us; some because we elected them, some because someone hired them to give their opinion on cable news and some because we support their careers by buying tickets to see them perform. To be honest, none of these people have a clue or they are playing the game of acting like they are involved in “the cause.” Yes, many of them where ripped apart on Twitter an other social media platforms but are we as a culture strong enough to hit them where it hurts, in the pockets. See the people that lead us will only truly fight for us if they are honestly among us, BROKE AND SUFFERING. I also feel as though we need to understand the other side of this argument without being compassionate. What I mean is, we are all ultimately fighting the same fight, they feel among other things, as though they are being left out of the “American dream” but they also feel that their way back is to marginalize others as appose to attacking the true oppressor, people with the same skin color as them. See what most people of color fail to realize is that most of the white people who are here on the western hemisphere are “the worst” of Europe. Their ancestors where the poor, criminals, and/or civilly disobedient and basically banished from Europe. And just like people of color, they too struggle to be relevant. Where does it go from here? How do we continue to be peaceful and unorganized when the apparent enemy seems to be militant, organized and well funded, with no reason to concede. The only way I see forward is a hot or cold war within the borders of this nation if the leaders do not have the will to share the wealth.


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Something For Nothing

About 2 months ago, I saw a video on YouTube describing how a person could make money online doing easy tasks so I decided to try some of these sites out to see what I could do. Most of these site want you to take survey’s about places you have been by giving the app you have to download access to your phones gps, taking fun quizzes, watching videos, reading articles, downloading and playing games and/or checking in to places you visit. These tasks are very easy  and once you get use to doing them, it becomes second nature. For each task you get just a few points. The conversion rate normally starts at about 1000 points= $1 USD. Needless to say it takes quite a while to make some really money using these apps. I have spent countless hours over the last few months, originally thinking I could make at least $50 USD a month in each of these apps but I have not even made that much in all of them combined. I could be missing something that could supercharge my earnings but I also could be be doing the most it is designed to do. I have always been told, “If it looks to good to be true, it probably is,” and this probably fits directly into that mold. No pain, no gain, another lesson learned. I will continue to try to build my account up and perhaps one day when I really need the cash, I can get it. If you are interested in knowing more dm me or email me at ace@acesbizarre.com. Please check out my site at www.acesbizarre.com.

The Real Reason the U.S. is Apprehensive about North Korea

Earlier this evening I was watching MTP Daily and they showed a clip of Trump in 1999 talking about North Korea and I had an epiphany as to the reason why the U.S. has yet to engage in a military activity of some type. My thought is that this has nothing to do with the Korean peninsula, Japan or any of our allies or enemies and everything to do with pissing off China, the manufacturer of every piece of crap sold in America. The way I see it, if we are in a cold war with China, then the so-called American companies who actually manufacture products in China might have to bring those jobs back to America, employee American workers and money some of the money on Wall Street back on Main Street. And that is why I see almost to a certainty that America will not strike first. But what if, like during World War II, a war could fix the economy, albeit not in quite the same way, but none the less, a similar result. Just a thought… If you enjoy this or any of my work please head over to www.acesbizarre.com and support the cause, thank you!!!

Tidal vs Apple Music Part 1

I guess around my birthday I signed up for Apple Music so I could listen to any music I want to any time I wanted to. Since they give you a 3 month trial, I said why not. Over the 3 months, the most use I got out of it was when I was riding around with my girlfriend and her sisters. See, I buy music so, most of the music that I like to listen to I have in my collection but they only like to listen to the latest and greatest and/or songs that have been on the radio, so it was cool sometimes to be able to listen to “top 40” songs without commercials. It really wasn’t until after I forgot that the free trial ended and I was charged did I seriously look for reasons to use the service. I keep Apple music for a couple of months after I had to start paying for it then cut it off. I wanted to see what Tidal was about and compare the two. Today I signed up for Tidal so I am in no way prepared to do a full critique on it, but I can definitely compare the sign up process. I guess since I’ve been using Apple products for years, all I had to do is click a button and confirm that I wanted to start the subscription and I was listening to Apple Music service in seconds. Tidal was a completely different, I suppose Apple has all the same information that Tidal asked for but Tidal has two plans, a $9.99 CD quality plan and a $19.99 hi-fidelity plan. I chose the $9.99 plan as to compare it to what I paid with Apple. As I am writing this post I am listening to Jay-Z’s 4:44 album on Tidal and I don’t know if its the poor sound quality of this “premium” plan or just the fact that the sound of the music is out of date but this is probably the second or third worst Jay-Z album but I guess that is a different story for a different day. If you like this review or anything I am doing here, share, comment and check out my site www.acesbizarre.com.